Canton School District blue-yellow-dot 800 N. Main St. blue-yellow-dot Canton, SD 57013 blue-yellow-dot Phone: 605-764-2706 blue-yellow-dot FAX: 605-764-2700 blue-yellow-dot Office Hours: 7:30am-4:00pm

The Canton School Board


Canton School District # 41-1
School Board Members

Last Name  First Address Phone Email
Gannon Todd 28243 478th Ave. 605-595-5777
Iverson Tanya 933 N. Dakota Ave. 605-560-2107
Dibert Jennifer 621 E. 2nd St 360-4737-7019
Kappenman Robin 602 N. Kimball St. 605-366-0576
Ockenga Thaaron 28829 474th Ave. 605-759-2796
Otkin, Chair Josh 1020 N. College St. 605-496-3304
Skiles, Vice Ch. Jennifer 600 W. Lynn Ave. 605-359-1231

The Role Of The School Board

The Critical Functions of the School Board include the following:

Establish and periodically review district mission and clear goals for the educational system.

Adopt and periodically review district policies.

Provide Leadership to ensure that effective educational Practices are followed in all schools.

Ensure the establishment and maintenance of a district wide system for equitable and effective hiring, evaluation, compensation, and termination of district employees.

Approve all staff appointments and terminations.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of district wide and school educational programs.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the superintendent on an ongoing and annual basis.

Ensure the establishment and maintenance of an effective district wide communication system.

Communicate with and respond to the community.

Establish a tax rate that meets the fiscal needs of the district.

Ensure the establishment and maintenance of an appropriate budget.

Monitor and approve the fiscal affairs of the district.

Ensure adequate learning environment, including site acquisition, Facilities, and equipment.{/AF}