Canton School District blue-yellow-dot 800 N. Main St. blue-yellow-dot Canton, SD 57013 blue-yellow-dot Phone: 605-764-2706 blue-yellow-dot FAX: 605-764-2700 blue-yellow-dot Office Hours: 7:30am-4:00pm

Booster Club Officers & Representatives

Booster Club Officers and Representatives - 2018-2019

Debbie Jansen ~ President Kristin Hilt ~ Vice-President
Jason Heikkila ~ Treasurer Dawn Trowbridge ~ Secretary
Jason Heikkila - Jeanie Jacobsen ~ Football Reps Don Jones - Brenda Ask ~ Volleyball Reps
Christi Tieszen - Sara Lease ~ Girls Basketball Reps Tami/Jerome VanDeStroet - Barb Rozeboom Boys Basketball Reps
Debbie Jansen ~ Girls Golf Rep Kristin Hilt ~ Boys Golf Rep
Sarah Bentz ~ Girls Track Rep Joanne Szarmach ~ Boys Track Rep
Kim Kreber ~ Girls Cross Country Rep Lisa Hemmingson ~ Boys Cross Country Rep
Dawn Trobridge- Sheila Isais ~ Wrestling Rep Michelle Ingebritson - Val Harris ~ Member-at-large
Kent Knudson School Representative  Janel Kaltenbach ~ Bookkeeper

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hawk full sizeCANTON SCHOOL SONG
Go Canton High School, Go Canton High School - Fight for victory!
With your colors flying we will cheer you all the way, - Rah! Rah!
Go Canton High School, Go Canton High School, - Fight for victory!
Spread forth the fame of your fair name, - Go, Canton! Win that game!"