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A Message From The Superintendent


Mr. Russell Townsend, Canton School District Superintendent


Welcome to the Canton School District.  The primary mission of our school is to provide all students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to graduate from high school and successfully complete a post secondary degree.  A focus on character and leadership development, along with high academic and behavioral expectations, sets the Canton School District apart from other schools in the Sioux Falls area.

We believe that small class size, especially at the lower elementary level, does make difference in the quality of education provided.  We also believe that it is essential to reinforce student choices and behaviors through character education.  Therefore, concepts surrounding the following six core values are woven into instruction on a daily basis.

THE C-HAWK ADVANTAGE “Earning Your Wings”

CHARACTER:  Canton students graduate knowing that true character is revealed by the clarity of their convictions, the choices they make, and the promises they keep.  They understand that what they say and do defines who they are and that who they are determines their destiny.

HONOR:  Canton students graduate knowing that to become a person of honor means to live by the principles of honesty and integrity.  They understand that whatever they do, if they do it with honor, they will inspire those around them to do the same.

ACHIEVEMENT: Canton students graduate knowing that success is the result of hard work and commitment to something greater than oneself.  They understand that putting forth the extra effort to excel is always better than settling for anything less.

WISDOM:  Canton students graduate with the knowledge that the choices they make today determine the person they will become tomorrow.  They understand that every challenge in life is an opportunity to grow and that a poor choice is a wasted opportunity.

KNOWLEDGE:  Canton students graduate with the knowledge and skills to be successful in life. They understand that knowledge is gained by learning and skill by practice.  But most importantly they understand that the acquisition of both is a life long process.

SERVICE:  Canton students graduate knowing that they were born with unique talents which were meant to be used for service to others.  They understand that true happiness comes not from receiving, but from the selfless sharing of their time and talents.{/AF}