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Carey Richardson
Carey Richardson

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Elementary School
- Grade 3A

Hello!  My name is Carey Richardson and I am a third grade teacher at Lawrence Elementary School.  I am originally from Michigan where I taught for 12 years, and I am enjoying my sixth year as a teacher here in South Dakota. 


Find our weekly spelling list below.  Check back later to see how the Shutterfly website is coming along.

 SPELLING LIST 14--Test on Friday, December 5, 2014

1.  clue

11.   soon

2.  classroom

12.   spoon

3.  cubes

13.   due

4.  childhood

14.   annual

5.  blue

15.   loop

6.  gloom

16.   mute

7.  stew

17.   tune

8.  mules

18.   rude

9.  tube

19.   look

10.  shook

20.   goose

 Bonus Words: 
potential, politely, wrapping, aisles, expensive, innocent, package