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Ms. Andra Guzzo


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High School
- Basic Design
- Ceramics 1 & 2
- Crafts
- Drawing 
- Painting
- Advanced Art

Middle School
- 8th Grade Art

Extra Curricular Activities
- Art Club

Course Description
Basic Design This semester long course is designed to serve as the foundation for students in the Visual Arts program.  Students will be exposed to several mediums, from colored pencils and ink to clay and watercolors.  Throughout the semester, students will create altered books that further explore concepts learned in class. Altered books allow the students to have a personalized approach to art, trying new things and expressing themselves.  This course needs to be completed before moving onto any other art course.
Ceramics I A course designed to provide students with an opportunity to further develop skills and understanding of the clay medium as an artistic form of expression.  Emphasis is placed on learning skills necessary to do hand building and wheel thrown forms, decoration and self-expression.
Ceramics II A course designed to provide students with an opportunity to continue the exploration of basic hand building and wheel throwing techniques. There will emphasis placed on developing proficiency in clay use, surface applications, and kiln firings.
Crafts This semester long course focuses on the more 3-dimensional, hands-on aspects of art and other non-traditional forms of art.  Projects include printmaking, making collages, plaster craft, and wire sculptures.
Drawing Students will continue to develop and strengthen their drawing skills with a focus on shading. This course is essential for students pursuing a future in an art-related field.
Painting This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop additional knowledge and skills in painting.  The primary focus is on watercolors and acrylic paints.
Advanced Art This course will be for students who are interested in possibly continuing with the arts in college or because they just have a natural love and talent for art.  This mixed medium class will provide a much more open curriculum, providing the students with the opportunity to create work that is personal to them.  They will be expected to write about and critique their own works along with the critiquing of others.  Students will continue to develop vocabulary along with being introduced to artist work to aid them in the development of their own work.  Instructor’s permission is required before enrollment.