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Merry Anderson
Merry Anderson

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Welcome to 5th Grade!

"I haven't failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."   Thomas Edison

That is one of my favorite quotes and I strive to create a classroom community that is a safe learning environment for all learners.  We are learning every second, everyday so someone is bound to make mistakes because we are human. It is in our failures in which we see that effective learning is taking place.  I aim at defining the word FAIL as First Attempt In Learning, and that failing is an event, NOT a person.  Together the students in my classroom learn how to collaborate, communicate, and access information in today's ever-changing world of technology, and to apply it.  Even though the world's information is at students' fingertips, it is equally important to focus on problem solving and what to do with the information.  We should be teaching kids HOW to learn, not what to learn.  So welcome to Team 5A and I hope you enjoy learning along with us!                                   


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