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Middle School Announcements

Here is the link to log into Google Classroom - the code for students to join is listed behind each teachers' name.  For questions, email teachers at their email addresses (see below).

Suzanne Anderson - Email: 
Brad Beyke (see below) Email: 
   6th & 8th Grade PE - is6ebd6
   7th Grade PE - t2z37op

Pam Cwach (7th Grade Math) Email:
   Period 2 (Math) - ek4xlsp
   Period 3 (Math) - lpjuonl 
   Period 4 (Math) - fmavxgq

   Period 6 (Science) - qsnidwn
   Period 7 (Science) - guclitv
   Period 8 (Science) - o45zuvr

Kris Dunlap Email: Email Office Hours: M-F - 1-3pm 
   HS Band - 6plgp6k
   MS Band - vrbvunr

Andrea Harstad (see below) Email:
5th Grade Band - qzovtvy
   6th Grade Band - oadjybn

Ainsley Hout 
Intro to World Language - rd3uhhg Email: 

Nick Joslyn - Driver's Ed - ww3vokd Email:

Michelle Kippley Email:

Jeff Keyman (7th Grade PE) - je4qwid Email:  Email Office Hours: M-F - 9-11am
   Period 2 (History) -f3b22hv
   Period 3 (History) - xrohty6
   Period 4 (History) - nzcpxh5

Danielle Markley Email: 

Nathan Kruse Email:

Callie Rhead (see below) Email: 
   6th Grade Math - vu53rfr
   7th Grade Science - 56ogb3t

Kaitlyn Sehr (MS Counselor) - mbafmwt Email: 

Andrew Steffensen (6th Grade Science) - iab4pev  Email: Email Office Hours: M-F - 9-11am 

Virjean Steinwand Email:

Lacey Vekovius Email:

Robyn Ventura Email: (see below)
   6th Grade Period 6 - wwmi2kx
   6th Grade Period 7- mjrmmve
   6th Grade Period 8 - 7j45zsf
   7th Grade Period 2 - amj6tev
   7th Grade Period 3 - 5ry7r4w
   7th Grade Period 4 - 24ey2g3

Jacob Versteeg (Choir) - zrylckp Email:

Stacy Weise (6th Grade Language Arts) 6bjjgoa Email:

Kim Wentz Email: