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Middle School

  • - 6th Grade PE
  • - 7th Grade Health     
  • - 8th Grade Strength and Conditioning 
  • - 8th Grade Computer

Computer Class Websites we will be using...


Extra Curricular Activities

  • - High School Boys Assistant Basketball
  • - 8th Grade Head Football



My Favorite Websites

Huskerland Prep


South Dakota High School Activities Association

Nebraska High School Activities Association

South Dakota Game and Parks

John Wooden - Great Basketball Coach

Duke Blue Devils Basketball

North Carolina Basketball

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My Hobbies...


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 Hunting - 

  Pheasants, Quail, Ducks, Geese, Turkey


                  Platte River Blind


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My Black Lab "Tred"


     6th Grade Physical Education   

Course Description

This year we will be continuing to play team games and developing teamwork, sportsmanship and a basic understanding of rules/expectations associated with the specific sports we are playing.  Along with team games, we will start to develop skills and techniques that will be used in the weight room.  There will be no focus on strength gain, but rather safety and proper lifting techniques and form.  We will also focus on speed and agility development.  We will use different drills to help develop coordination, balance and quickness.

 We will also be spending some time in the classroom each quarter talking about health and health related issues.  This will include the following - 10 point spelling quiz, Chapter Review Packet, Chapter Test.  We will read and have class discussions.

Expectations for 6th Grade Physical Education -  Students will earn 5 point daily.

How they earn their 5 points...

1 point - Dress and ready to go on time

1 point - dressed out in PE clothes and shoes

1 point - Showing good sportsmanship, teamwork, positive attitude and respecting other classmates/teachers and equipment/rules during activities.

2 point - Participating  and showing effort in all activities - Effort and Attitude!!!!


A student may be required to finish an "activity packet" in ICU if the following occur...

1.  Is absent any number of times.

2.  Fails to comply with rules and expectations in class.

3.  Refuses to do the activity/unit scheduled for that day.


Locker rooms:

1.  Get in and Get out.  Once a student is dressed they are expected to be in the hallway.

2.  If it is not your's, LEAVE IT ALONE.

3.  Respect other peoples personal space, personal belongings and feelings.



1.  Participate.

2.  Display a positive Effort and Attitude (the only two things you can control!!)

3.  Respect equipment, classmates, rules.

4.  Display a good sportsmanship and be a good teammate.



Students will have the opportunity to shower but are not required to shower.

1.  Use your own soap and towel.

2.  Do not use the shower as a restroom!!  

3.  Get in and get out.



Weekley Breakdown - Week of Sept. 4th 

MONDAY  No School

Tuesday  - Disc Golf

Wednesday - Fitness Day

Thursday -Disc Golf 

Friday - Disc Golf 



8th Grade Computers

Course Description

In 7th and 8th Grade Computers students will use computers to do the following - 

  • Power Point
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Video Editing
  • Programming
  • Photo Shop
  • Typing

Many different activities and projects will be done through out the year.  Each student will be responsible for his/her own work.  All assignments and projects will be expected to be done and turned in on the due date.


Students will start each class with 3 daily points.  Students may lose points for the following issues - 

  • Failure to be on time to class
  • Failure to be prepared for class
  • Failure to stay on-task
  • Failure to respect materials, equipment, others (students and teachers)

If a student loses all 3 points they will be required to shutdown their computer and to report to Mr. Brosnahan (Dean of Students).  Time missed from class will be made up and any assignments will be required to be finished in ICU.


Students maybe sent to ICU if the following occur...

1.  Do not complete assignments by due date.

2.  Are asked to leave the classroom because of discipline issues.



Weekly Breakdown - Week of Sept. 4th


8th Grade Strength and Conditioning                       8th Grade Computers


MONDAY - NO SCHOOL                                               NO SCHOOL


Tuesday -                                                                   Computer Components Part 1


Wednesday - Weightroom                                          


Thursday -                                                                  Computer Components Part 1


Friday - Weightroom                                                  



8th Grade S/C-PE meet M/W/F

8th Grade Computers meet T/Th