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Robyn Ventura

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This will be my 15th year teaching Ancient History and Art and my 4th year teaching Geography at Canton Middle School.












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Ancient History

Websites: The Traveler - Anc. Civ. Game

During part of the school year, you will be studying ancient history

Ancient Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is the land between two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates.

Ancient Egypt

While studying Egypt, we will learn about mummies, pyramids, and many other things.

Ancient China

While studying China, we will learn about the Great Wall, acupuncture, Confucius and many other things.

Ancient Greece

The democracy of the United States is closely related to that of Ancient Greece. They also gave us the Olympics.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Romans could build arches out of stone with out using any mortar!

Ancient Mesoamerica

We will learn about the Aztec's, Incan's and Mayan's way of life. The Mayas believed that humans must be killed so that the gods would send rain.

Middle Ages

The middle ages began with the fall of Rome and ended with Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas.


This year will be very busy for you, but trust me, you'll learn so many neat things by the end of the year!



Units Covered this year

Chapter 1: Intro to Geography

Chapter 2: Planet Earth

Chapter 3: Climate and Resources Hazards Project

Chapter 4: Worlds People

World Religion

Chapter 5: The United States US Map games, Drag states to map, 50 states drag, Spell states?, Statetris (may not be able to play at school) Map quiz; drag states (history channel); Click on correct states, drag states,

Chapter 6: Canada

Chapter 7: Mexico


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These are some of the projects we will do in art this quarter.

Compass Art - Students use a compass to create a variety of beautiful designs. CompassArt.jpg
Circles and Arcs - Students use the designs they learned from last project to create a watercolor collage. WaterColor.jpg
Cartoon Enlargement - Students will use grids to enlarge a cartoon into a 12x12 picture. Cartoon.jpg
Scrapbooking - Students will need a minumin of 5 pictures that they can cut up and glue down in a scrapbook. Scrapbook.jpg
Poster - Students will research a topic they chose by finding two pictures and three facts and create a poster with a centered title. Poster.jpg


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SMARTBoard Sites
  Video Podcasts (math emphasis)
  SMARTBoard Podcasts
  Smartboard Revolution
  Teachers Love SMARTBoards
  USF site
  Senteo help


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