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Andrew Steffensen
Andrew Steffensen

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High School
- Computer Programming
- Digital Computer Animation
- Graphic Design
- Photo Arts

Middle School
- 6th Grade Science
- 6th Grade Experimental Science

Extra Curricular Activities
- High School Assistant Football
- High School Head Girls Basketball
- High School Boys Golf

 Computer Programming:                                            E          10-12      Sem                ½ Credit

This course is designed for students with a desire to learn both the graphic interface and execution of applications in a Windows environment.  Students will also learn how a computer analyzes programming code.  Topics covered are the processing cycle, designing an application, coding an application, debugging an application, and analyzing needs for design based on user wants and needs.

 Computer Graphics (Digital Animation I)                    E          9-12        Sem               ½ Credit

 This course introduces students to fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of 3D digital modeling. Topics covered in this course include: production of geometric and organic surfaces, polygon construction and surfaces. The primary 3D modeling and rendering software used in this course will be AutoDesk Studio Max 3D.
Example Projects:Bedroom.jpg      Cup.jpg      ice cream.avi      landscape.jpg     

Commercial Graphic Design (Graphic Design I)            E          9-12         Sem                ½ Credit

 This course introduces students to two types of graphic design, video editing and image editing. Students will use camcorders and digital cameras to capture video and images to illustrate comprehension of methods covered during classroom tutorials.  Software used for the class includes Cyberlink PowerDirector and Photoshop.

Photographic Arts (Graphic Design II)              E          10-12                         Sem                ½ Credit
PR-Commercial Graphic Design

This course is a continuum of Graphic Design I.  The same software is utilized, but will require more advanced problems and projects.  The curriculum requires a deeper understanding of visual literacy and marketing techniques to obtain a finished product people savor.