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Mrs. Elizabeth Lukonen

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Betsy Lukonen

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Excavating a jug from a Sicilian house
c. 500 AD



Welcome to my site!

 Courses that I teach:
High School
- American History
- World History

Extra Curricular Activities I Coach:

- High School Assistant Volleyball
- Middle School 8th Grade Girls Basketball

Education Background
BA  University of South Dakota (Go Yotes!)
Major; History & Anthropology  Minor: Spanish & Archaeology

MA University of British Columbia
Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

MA University of South Dakota
Secondary Education

     Ancient Roman Forum, Rome, Italy



         U.S. History 

        World History

Classroom Expectations  


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U.S. History Course Description

This is a yearlong course that will study American social, cultural, political, and economic history from 1860 to the present.  The major units will encompass foreign policy as it relates to the world wars, the Cold War, Vietnam and terrorism; and domestic policy as it stresses the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, Civil Rights and the Counterculture.


World History Course Description

This is a semester course that is designed to study human history from the Renaissance time period until World War II.

Classroom Expectations


  • Students should be in their desks and ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Students will have their textbook, notebooks, and writing utensils with them each day.  Repeated failure to be prepared for class will result in a tardy.
  • Only one student may leave for the restroom at a time.  A student must take the bathroom pass.  Students are expected to return from the restroom in 4 minutes or less. Excessive use/abuse of bathroom privileges will not be tolerated, and the student will have to wait for the bell to ring in order to use the restroom.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in the classroom.  Water in a clear container is acceptable.  No sports drinks will be permitted. 
  • Students will use class time productively.
  • Students will be respectful to the teacher and their fellow classmates.  Please do not talk when the teacher or other classmates are talking.
  • Cheating or plagiarism as defined in the student handbook will not be tolerated.  If students are caught cheating or plagiarizing, or talking during tests, they will receive a zero for that test or assignment.  Repeated offenses will be reported to the office and may result in removal from the course.
  • No cell phones, iPods, or personal computer devices are allowed in the classroom.  If seen they will be taken and held until the end of the day.  If you refuse to surrender your device, a time-out with Mr. Joslyn will be issued.
  • Remain in your seats until the bell rings or the teacher dismisses you.
  • Be positive and ready to learn!



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