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* 6th-12th Grade Transfer Of Record
* Elementary School Transfer Of Record
* SD Open Enrollment
* Open Enrollment - Athletic Eligibility
* Home School Exemption
* See Latchkey Homepage

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* Random Drug Testing Policy
* Random Drug Testing Consent

Canton Latchkey

"Enriching lives through the creative use of community resources." 

Welcome to Latchkey - Nicole Sehr Director

Please keep in mind that we need a minimum of 10 children at Latchkey during our “Special Dates”.  Schedules will be due 2 weeks before in order for parents make other arrangements in the event that we do not have a minimum of 10 students.   Lunch Option is $3.00 per child—Menu is subject to change

Monday, August 20th: Early Dismissal Latchkey Open From 11:45-6:00--$15/fee (Bring sack lunch)

Monday, September 3rd: Labor Day Latchkey is CLOSED

Friday, September 28th: Homecoming Latchkey is CLOSED

Monday, October 8th:  Native American Day Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm--$25/fee (Pizza/$3)

Friday, October 19th: No School –Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm--$25/fee (Pizza/$3)

Wednesday, November 21st: No School—Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm--$25/fee (Pizza/$3)

Thursday, November 22nd & Friday, November 23rd:  Latchkey is CLOSED—

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, December 21st: Early Dismissal Latchkey Open From 11:45-6:00--$15/fee (Bring a sack lunch)

Monday, December 24th: Latchkey CLOSED

Tuesday, December 25th: Latchkey CLOSED—MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, December 26th-Friday, December 28th: Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm--$25/Day

Wednesday (Walking Tacos/$3) –Thursday (Hotdogs/$3) – Friday (Chicken Nuggets/$3)

Monday, December 31st: Latchkey CLOSED

Tuesday, January 1st: Latchkey CLOSED—HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Wednesday, January 2nd: Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm $25/fee

(Homemade Pizza/$3)

Monday, January 21st: No School MLKD: Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm $25/fee (Pizza/$3)

Wednesday, February 20th: Early Dismissal Latchkey Open 12:30pm-6:00pm $15/fee

Thursday, February 21st: No School—Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm $25/fee (Corndogs/$3)

Friday, February 22nd: No School—Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm $25/fee (Pizza/$3)

Thursday, March 21st: Early Dismissal Latchkey Open 12:30pm-6:00pm $15/fee

Friday, March 22nd: No School—Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm $25/fee

(Chicken Nuggets/$3)

Friday, April 19th: No School—Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm $25/fee

(Hot ham and Cheese/$3)

Monday, April 22nd: No School—Latchkey OPEN 6am-6pm $25/fee

(Pizza Ranch/$3)

Wednesday, May 15th: Last Day of School---Early Dismissal Latchkey open 11:45am-6:00pm $15/fee

(Bring a sack lunch)

Thanks for a GREAT school year!