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Canton, South Dakota School District 41-1 Information

CANTON ELEMENTARYLawrence Elementary School

Lawrence Elementary School serves the educational needs of approximately 400 students in grades Pre Kindergarten through fifth grade. All teachers are highly qualified and Canton Elementary students consistently score very high in the State required Dakota STEP scores.







The Canton Middle School is comprised of approximately 200 students in grades six through eight. Teachers have high expectations for their students, but also remain responsive to the many developmental needs of the adolescent learner as well. The Six Pillars of Character are promoted on a daily basis in an effort to create an atmosphere that promotes positive adolescent development.







The Canton High School is comprised of approximately 300 students in grades nine through twelve. CHS offers a challenging and viable curriculum that enables students to graduate as Regent Scholars and earn the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship. A large percentage of Canton graduates go on to advance their education. CHS also offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities for students to choose from.

The Canton School Board

Canton School District # 41-1

School Board Members

Name & Email Address Home Phone

Todd Gannon, President

28243 478th Ave.

Canton, SD 57013


Jon Gustad, Vice-President

810 N. Lawler St.

Canton, SD 57013


Christal Dietzenbach

48349 279th St.

Canton, SD 57013


Todd Larson

28587 480th Ave

Canton, SD 57013


Scott Larson

27805 481st Ave.

Canton, SD 57013


Tanya Iverson

933 N. Dakota

Canton, SD 57013


Jennifer Skiles

600 W. Lynn Ave.

Canton, SD 57013



The Role Of The School Board

The Critical Functions of the School Board include the following:

Establish and periodically review district mission and clear goals for the educational system.

Adopt and periodically review district policies.

Provide Leadership to ensure that effective educational Practices are followed in all schools.

Ensure the establishment and maintenance of a district wide system for equitable and effective hiring, evaluation, compensation, and termination of district employees.

Approve all staff appointments and terminations.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of district wide and school educational programs.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the superintendent on an ongoing and annual basis.

Ensure the establishment and maintenance of an effective district wide communication system.

Communicate with and respond to the community.

Establish a tax rate that meets the fiscal needs of the district.

Ensure the establishment and maintenance of an appropriate budget.

Monitor and approve the fiscal affairs of the district.

Ensure adequate learning environment, including site acquisition, Facilities, and equipment.{/AF}

The C-Hawk Advantage

CHARACTER: Canton students graduate knowing that true character is revealed by the clarity of their convictions, the choices they make, and the promises they keep. They understand that what they say and do defines who they are and that who they are determines their destiny.
HONOR: Canton students graduate knowing that to become a person of honor means to live by the principles of honesty and integrity. They understand that whatever they do, if they do it with honor, they will inspire those around them to do the same.
ACHIEVEMENT: Canton students graduate knowing that success is the result of hard work and commitment to something greater than oneself. They understand that putting forth the extra effort to excel is always better than settling for anything less.
WISDOM: Canton students graduate with the knowledge that the choices they make today determine the person they will become tomorrow. They understand that every challenge in life is an opportunity to grow and that a poor choice is a wasted opportunity.
KNOWLEDGE: Canton students graduate with the knowledge and skills to be successful in life. They understand that knowledge is gained by learning and skill by practice. But most importantly they understand that the acquisition of both is a life long process.
SERVICE: Canton students graduate knowing that they were born with unique talents, which were meant to be used for service to others. They understand that true happiness comes not from receiving, but from selfless sharing of their time and talents.

Canton School District History

“Central,” Canton’s first permanent high school was built in 1884 and was regarded as one of the best in eastern South Dakota, if not one of the best in all of the Dakota’s. It was a large two-story brick structure with enough room to house all the students on the first floor. But in a few years, as enrollment started to climb, all the rooms were put to use. canhs2By 1910 there were too many students for the school and some had to be sent to the Augustana campus, which was not in use that year. In 1923 the “old” Canton High School was built. This ultra new structure was complete with a swimming pool, gymnasium, and an auditorium with a balcony and seating for over 900 people. Once again Canton was considered to have one of the best schools in the state.

The Canton School District has a rich tradition of excellence in education. School was first held in Canton during the winter of 1868-69 in a sod house on the southwest corner of what is now the Lincoln County Courthouse block. In 1870 Canton’s first real school building was constructed. This building quickly overflowed and in 1878 a two story frame building was erected consisting of one large classroom on each floor. With the coming of the railroad in 1879, Canton once again needed a larger school. In 1884 a large two story brick building, designed to hold elementary classes on the first floor and high school classes on the upper floor.

In 1961 two new elementary buildings were built to replace the old wooden buildings. One of the new elementary building named after C.C. Jacobson, a long time teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent in Canton. The other building was named after E.O. Lawrence, a 1918 graduate of Canton High School and the 1939 recipient of the Noble Prize in Physics for his work in developing the cyclotron, a machine for accelerating atomic particles.

canton high school sm 
The current Canton High School was built in 1997 and Canton was once again cited for having a school that surpassed other schools in the areas of technology and innovation. Canton is continually looking for ways to improve the quality of education that we provide for our community. We are currently working with the City of Canton on a joint venture that would enhance recreational opportunities available to community members.